OnaltıDokuz Istanbul will be a new residential area that offers stunning views of Istanbul’s entire skyline, from the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea, from the Islands to the Bridges on Bakırköy Shore, one of the most valuable areas of Istanbul. These inspiring views will set a new standard for residential apartment living. It is also a unique investment opportunity, as it is being constructed in an area set to become Istanbul’s new center of attraction.

OnaltıDokuz Istanbul redefines what it means to be a citizen with its residential apartment flats featuring a modern approach to space and a unique living philosophy. The Project is located on a 30 acre stretch of land, at a 200 m distance from the sea, and includes spectacular views of the sea. It consists of 3 blocks, of which all apartments, from the bottom floor to the top floor, have a view of Istanbul. Its 25.000 m2 shopping and social area has everything from a techno market and mall to a nursery and playground. It also meets all the daily needs of its residents with its indoor parking lots, social facilities and landscaped areas.

OnaltıDokuz Istanbul is located in the heart of Istanbul’s dynamic Zeytinburnu district. OnaltıDokuz Istanbul is situated in a central area of Istanbul within close proximity to the airport, the E-5 highway, the Marmaray and tunnel passing entrance, the Ataköy Marina, the IDO Yenikapı Port, Sirkeci and Taksim. OnaltıDokuz Istanbul stands out among the projects that have recently been developed in the vicinity of these areas.

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