ASTAY was established in 2004 with the vision of developing real estate projects that would improve the quality of life of their residents and of creating value for its stakeholders.

ASTAY aims to capitalize on development opportunities in the real estate sector at the right time and convert these opportunities into quality investments. Istanbul Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus and Four Seasons Sultanahmet hotels are projects that showcase ASTAY’s approach to real estate investment both as an investor and as a developer.

ASTAY incorporates skills such as creating assets, marketing and management in achieving its goals. Other services such as design, engineering, architecture, planning, construction and operation are conducted by highly qualified teams selected from among the best in their fields.

ASTAY shapes its projects, not only for today but also for the future by efficiently evaluating zones that are developing and that have the potential to develop. When designing the most suitable architecture and projects for the area, the site, value and future prospects of the location are taken into consideration.

ASTAY does not simply construct residences, it also produces and develops the projects in such a way that they will not lose their value but rather increase their value over time.

ASTAY Vision

To create permanent value for all our stakeholders by combining our skills, energy and resources with our top quality planning, design, construction and operation abilities to invest in real estate projects that will ensure that our customers enjoy unique comfort and pleasure that will last for generations.

ASTAY Mission

To use our wide range of skills to create ‘dream-like’ residence projects that will serve to elevate us to a prominent leadership role in the sector.
To present products that do not compromise on quality by working with the best consultancy and communication companies in Turkey and the world while conducting our projects.
To effectively determine and choose our business partners for our various business needs and to conduct an efficient business process.
To select unique and valuable locations that incorporate the results of feasibility analyses.
To develop our projects with the right people and suppliers.
To conduct our construction and operations together with business partners who are the best in their industry.

As ASTAY, we work according to belief that the results we achieve will be no less than perfect when each division of our system complies with the highest level standards.

ASTAY Values

High quality legal identity.
Investment in operable assets with long-term cash flow management.
Focus on asset and project management and finding opportunities that will provide revenue growth rather than asset growth.
Recruitment of creative people and provision of suitable environment for them.
Creation of value in the area used for developing urban communities.
Improvement of quality of life for the city and its residents.
Accountability to the people, the legal system and the partner stakeholders.


To expand our main activity area, to undertake the role of leader and innovative company in the service and real estate sectors, to provide long-term profitable cash flow and to plan and implement appropriate financial mechanisms in order to achieve our corporate goals.

The ASTAY Story

As a business man, Mesut Toprak has achieved success through the passion he has for his job. He spent more than 30 years in the textile industry and became one of the most important players in the textile industry, with his companies carrying out the manufacturing operations for world renowned apparel companies. With the success he was able to achieve by creating highly efficient systems of operations and by hiring competent employees, he transformed his companies into self-managing institutions. As a result, each company that he was responsible for was able to work, problem-free, within its own system. After accomplishing this, Mesut Toprak began to spend his time focusing on other industries whereby he saw golden opportunities in tourism, an industry that he had been following closely for a long time. He took the opportunity to invest in 2 places operated by the Four Seasons, a world-renowned brand that has a proven track record in the industry. In his first investment, he re-applied the operation strategy that he had so successfully applied to the textile industry and within a short time he was rewarded for his work. Essentially his operation strategy is based on a principle of working with people who are the best in their industries and of adopting a powerful managing role in order to ensure that everyone involved in the company shares in its success.

This strategy brought results in short time and today ASTAY is on the verge of becoming a leader in its industry with its visions, goals and projects.